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The best thing about being born in the human race is that we can talk and express our emotions, opinions and views. It is the best way to get to know the other person, however, it is not always possible that everyone is loquacious or open to express. So, what to do next? The answer is simple; you need the help of a few conversation starters like, “WOULD YOU RATHER Questions”.  These questions are the best way to start a conversation, whether it’s between the couple, at party or school or any get-together.

About Would You Rather Questions Game?

This game is a perfect conversation starter which works as a perfect ice-breaker. It will help you bring together people, make them open themselves up and speak about their preferences and choices. Once you know what they like and what they don’t, you can befriend them and make them feel comfortable.

How To Play Would You Rather Questions Game?

Would you rather questions can be quirky, witty, funny, and innocent and dirty. Depending on the type of bond you share with the others and kind of people you have on-board, you can make a choice of the questions and kick-start the game accordingly.

The game has no rule or penalties, however, you can tweak it to make it more interesting, for example, I once made a rule that the person who gives the wittiest or the funniest answer will be offered a free drink at the bar, you can prepare your own rules. The primary objective of this game is to involve more and more people and entice them to bring out the best answers which can make your party an instant hit.

If you have been wondering where to start from, I have prepared these series of Would You Rather Questions:

Following are the Best, Funny, Hard, Dirty Would You Rather Questions

  1. Would you rather participate in dance reality show or fear factor?
  2. Would you rather eat a home-cooked food or eat out?
  3. Would you rather eat a hot pizza or a cold ice-cream?
  4. On a bright sunny day, would you rather have a chilled beer or icy lemonade?
  5. When you are upset, would you rather sit back home or will move out?
  6. Would you rather travel to the office via public transport or by your own car?
  7. Would you rather buy a car or a bike?
  8. On a Saturday evening, would you rather party hard out at a pub or enjoy a fun-filled evening with your friends at home?
  9. On your date night, would you rather dine at a fine dining restaurant or prefer to eat a casual restaurant?
  10. If given a choice, would you rather hook up with Kim Kandershian or Emma Watson?
  11. Would you rather date a guy younger to your or the one elder to you or the man of your age?
  12. Would you rather play a role in Emilia Clarke in Game of Thrones or Kaley Cuoco of Big Bang Theory?
  13. Would you rather prefer to live a life of famous TV actor or a famous movie actor?
  14. If given a choice, would you rather have a gala wedding or a subtle wedding?
  15. Would you rather prefer to become famous or powerful?
  16. Would you rather like to travel in the future or travel in the past?
  17. If given a choice what would you like to change, would you rather change your name or personality?
  18. Would you rather sleep with a virgin or you are okay with a non-virgin?
  19. When breaking up, would you rather confront the person or just drop a message?
  20. If given a choice to be on an island with a person of your choice, who would it be, a celebrity or a politician?
  21. If you are given a chance to swipe your husband/wife with someone, who would it be? Would you rather choose an actor/actress or your ex?
  22. Would you rather cuddle up in front of a fireplace or keep the things for the dark?
  23. Would you rather prefer making out in the morning or wait for the night?
  24. Which position would you prefer top or bottom?
  25. Would you rather make out in a pool or in a Jacuzzi?
  26. Would you rather marry a beautiful person or a rich person?
  27. Would you rather choose to be ugly and have sex every night or perfer to be beautiful and no sex at all?
  28. Would you rather eat junk food or prefer to eat a protein rich diet?
  29. If planning to cut down on weight, would you rather work out or prefer to go on a diet?
  30. For morning workouts, would you prefer to jog or do yoga?
  31. How do you like to start your morning, reading the newspaper with a cup of coffee or hitting the gym followed by a protein shake?
  32. Would you rather date a rich and ugly person or a beautiful and poor person?
  33. If you had to have one power, would you rather become invisible or choose to become a superhero?
  34. Would you rather read people’s mind or see the future?
  35. Would you rather borrow money from your friend or your parents?
  36. Would you rather prefer a one night stand or wish to be with one person forever?
  37. Would you rather prefer a kinky sex or a romantic one?
  38. Would you rather choose to be a possessive lover or an easy going one?
  39. Would rather pet a dog or a cat?
  40. Would rather eat and ice-cream with hot chocolate or eat and ice-cream with whipped cream?
  41. Would you rather go to the beach or spending the holiday at home?
  42. Would you rather become the jack of all trades or want to become an expert in one field?
  43. Would you rather learn to dance or swim?
  44. Would you rather travel via aeroplane or via train?
  45. Would you rather choose a night under the stars or a night in five-star room?
  46. Would you rather not be able to see anything again or hear anything again?
  47. Would you rather learn to cook or learn to drive?
  48. Would you rather become a creative person or a technical person?
  49. For a date night, would you rather wear a red or a black?
  50. Would you rather have a life without phone or life without the internet?
  51. Would you rather speak your mind or speak your heart?
  52. Would you rather choose to sneeze the rest of your life or choose to have hiccups?
  53. Would you rather choose to be intelligent or witty?
  54. Would you rather prefer to be overweight or underweight?
  55. Would you prefer to eat the entire life or drink the entire life?
  56. Would you rather continue working as an employee at higher designation or want to start off your own firm?
  57. Would you love to go on a company paid vacation for a month or would like to have a tax free salary for a year?
  58. If given a chance to go back in time and turn the course of an event what would you choose, save Titanic or stop the nuclear bomb attack on Hiroshima and Nagasaki?
  59. Would you rather be born as a human or choose to be born as a bird?
  60. Would you rather go alone to a movie or to a hotel for dinner?
  61. Would you rather be gossiped by others or not to be talked about?
  62. Would you rather live naked in Antarctica or wear a sweater in desert?
  63. Would you rather say everything twice or not say at all?
  64. Would you rather be super strong or super smart?
  65. Would you rather buy a new car or a new house?

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