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This or That questions, have you heard of it? This or That questions game a great way to know your partner, your friends and your loved ones. In fact it would not be wrong to claim here that these questions series is a great way to unveil the likes and dislikes of people. This or That questions are perfect ice-breakers and can introduce a comletely new side of the people who you have been knowing for long or wanted to know. This or That questions can be funny, witty and quirky which can immediately spruce up a great conversation.

How to Play This or That?

Playing This or That questions game is not a rocket science nor a tricky one. All you need is players and a series of funny and witty questions which can entice and engage them. There are various ways in which you can play this game, here I have enlisted two of them:

  • Taking turns– It can be just the two of you or you can sit in a group and take turns to ask a question.
  • Distributing questions – If you are more than two people, you can distribute questions amongst yourself and then being the game. It’s advisable that you have the question handy.

This or That Questions Game Rules

The best part about This or That questions is that it doesn’t have any rule. All you need is a group of willing people to participate in the game and series of questions. There are no right or wrong answers to these questions, these questions help in revealing the likes and dislikes, preferences and opinion of people.

  1. What’s your favourite breakfast- sunny side up or omelette
  2. What’s your favourite movie- Godfather or Pretty Woman
  3. What’s your favourite pass time- Video games or gardening
  4. What’s your favourite food- meat or spinach
  5. Who’s your favourite singer- Eminem or Taylor Swift
  6. What’s your favourite pet- Cat or Dog
  7. What your favourite ice-cream flavour- Vanilla or Chocolate
  8. Where would you go on your honeymoon- Mountains or the beaches
  9. Which is your favourite mode of communication- Phone call or text
  10. What’s your favourite attire- Jeans and t-shirt or pyjamas and boohoo t-shirts
  11. If given a choice you would choose – Monet or fame
  12. What would you like to wear- Stilettoes or flats
  13. How do you like to spend the weekend- friends or family
  14. What would you prefer – one-night stand or sex after marriage
  15. What kind of movie you like – Action or romantic
  16. Which is your favourite animal- Cat or Dog
  17. Which your favourite nail colour type- matte or gloss
  18. Which shade of lipstick you prefer the most- shades of red or nude shades
  19. Which is your song – Quit playing games with my heart or My heart will go on
  20. Which your favourite season – summers or winters or spring or monsoon
  21. What you love the most – long drive or a coffee at café
  22. What kind of a person are you – movie person or theatre person
  23. What would you prefer – bubble bath or Jacuzzi
  24. Which type of light you like- yellow light or white light
  25. What kind of a person are you – bike person or car person
  26. What kind of an employee are you- smart worker or hard worker
  27. What you like the most- dinner or dessert
  28. If given a choice what would you choose- long hair or short hair
  29. What kind of eyes you like- blue or black
  30. What would you love to read- book or kindle
  31. Do you like- ice-cream or hot-brownie fudge
  32. Do you like-scuba diving or bungee jumping
  33. How would love your pizza- normal or extra cheese
  34. How would you like your ice-cream- plain or nutty
  35. How would you eat your fish – grilled or deep-fired
  36. What kind of jewellery you like- statement or delicate
  37. Which is your favourite game- baseball or football
  38. If given 30 days free training, what would you like to learn- technical skills or soft skills
  39. What kind of job you would prefer- on-field or off-field
  40. How do you like your coffee- black or cream filled
  41. Which is your favourite jewellery metal- gold or platinum
  42. If given a free trip where will you go- Australia or Africa
  43. What kind of a lover are you- positive one or an easy going types
  44. Which breed of dog you would choose- Pit bull or a pug
  45. Do you like- Sea food or Meat
  46. Which is your favourite TV series- Breaking Bad or Big Bang Theory
  47. Do you like- Superhero movies or The mystical ones
  48. What mode of payment you like the most- Cash on Deliver(COD) or Online Payment
  49. Are you a more- emotional person or a happy go lucky one
  50. Do you like sauce or jam
  51. What’s your perfect date idea- movie, dance and dinner or a long drive

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