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100+ Sweet & Cute Things to Say to Your Girlfriend

Things to Say to Your Girlfriend

Words if used correctly have the power to influence and change the lives of people. Communication is the key to success and making use of the right words will make it even easier for you to express your emotions and feelings for your loved ones. In this blog, I bring you some great messages and things to say to your girlfriend that you can send to your girlfriend to make her day. I have tried to cover all the emotions and moments so that you don’t fall short of words when the right time comes to say the right words.

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Her Special Day

It may be her birthday, or she has achieved something big in life. Make use of these inspiring and lovable messages that are going to make her fall for you over and over again-

  • This is a special day for you but even more special for me. Because if it were not for this day, you wouldn’t be there in my life. Happy Birthday to the love of my life.
  • I may not be there to wish you today, but my wishes and love will always be there to embrace you today and always.
  • I cannot express my happiness in words to tell you how blessed to have you in my life. Wish you a very Happy Birthday.
  • Words are not enough to express how much I love you, but if I could make this day even more special for you, I would like to say I Love You.
  • Birthday might mean that you turn a year older, but I feel that you have turned one day younger than yesterday. Happy Birthday My love !!!
  • I don’t know how to make this day more special for you but what I know is that I can say I LOVE YOU today, tomorrow and forever.

It is Your Meeting Anniversary

When it comes to remembering dates, you cannot really compete with a girl’s memory. So if it’s your wedding anniversary approaching surprise her with these lovely messages:

  • I don’t know how to express my happiness on this day when I first saw you and got to know that you are the one who will change my life forever.
  • We are not getting older; our bond is getting stronger.
  • The best way to celebrate this day is to see you smile.
  • All I wish on this day is that whenever I close my eyes and whenever I open it I want to see you smile.
  • With every passing year, my love for you star getting stronger
  • I don’t know how to express my love for you, but what I know is that you complete me.
  • Your love is like wine which is getting finer with each passing day.
  • Your love is the warmth of my life, and you are the love of my life
  • It is said that every person finds an inspiration that drives him to become a better person, I found you who reminds me to be a better person every day.
  • I always knew that true love is unconditional but when I found that its not just the saying, its the reality of my life.

Things To Say To Your Girlfriend After A Fight

Now that’s a tough situation, fights and arguments are a part of every, but there is nothing that the right words cant mend. To help you get out of this tricky situation, we have picked up these liners and texts that will be your life savior.

  • Do you remember the scene of Titanic when Jack said to Rose, “You jump, I Jump.” I want to tell you, “You smile, I Smile.”
  • I can’t imagine my day would be so dull, all I want is to see you smile and add the charm to my life.
  • I may not be good at expressing my emotions but the thought of seeing of away from me kills me, I AM SORRY
  • Hurting you would be the last thing that I would do, how can I see my life sad. I AM SORRY.
  • When you smile the whole world smiles with me, and when you are sad the whole world seems to be turning its back on me, please accept my apology.
  • There are many beautiful creations of God but you are his special creation, and I am sorry for hurting you like this.
  • How can heartbeat stay away from heart, please come back I feel like I’m losing my life?
  • A broken heart doesn’t make a sound, but it hurts a lot, after my mistake, I now realize how badly it hurts. I AM SORRY.
  • I am negligent; please don’t be vigilant.
  • With you, in my life, I feel like the richest person on the earth and without I feel that I am losing everything. I AM SORRY.

Cute things today to your girlfriend in the morning

As the day is about to start why not make every day special for her with these good morning lines.

  • You are the sunshine of my life, a very Good Morning to you, my love
  • As the day is about to start, I want to say that it should bring the best to you. Good Morning
  • Love and Life that’s what you are to me- Good Morning
  • You are the inspiration that keeps me going every day – Good Morning my love
  • Its said that there is someone special for everyone, but with you, in my life, I feel that I have become special.
  • If I could tell how much I love you, then I would tell you that I love you every time I blink my eyes, every time I breathe and every time my heart beats.
  • How to tell how much you mean to me because you are priceless.
  • You make me understand why your partner is called as your soulmate.
  • Every day I wait for the sun to rise so that I can see you.
  • If you could read my mind every time I say I LOVE YOU, you would get to how deep is my love for you.

Things To Say To Your Girlfriend While Proposing

So the day has come when you have to express your feelings for her. Use the right words so that she could not resist you. Here are some cute things to say to your girlfriend when you are proposing here.

  • I fell in love with you the day I saw you. I want to fill your love with happiness. Will you be mine?
  • I want to grow old with you. Will you give me a chance to do that?
  • I LOVE YOU is what I am saying but I WILL LOVE YOU FOREVER is what I believe in. Please be mine.
  • You are the music for my heart and the life of my soul. Give me a chance to express my gratitude every day for the rest of my life.
  • Don’t go by my words, listen to what my heart is saying, it wants you for the rest of the life.
  • I won’t say that I want to grow old with you, I want to live with you today, tomorrow and forever.
  • Words are not enough to express my feelings for you; I don’t want to limit my love and feelings in just three words, its more than words and world. Be Mine !!!

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