10 Best Party Icebreakers Games

Party Icebreakers

These are party games that are designed to make the party environment more jovial and also helps the people interact with each other. The sole objective of these icebreakers party games is to make people more comfortable so that they get to know each other better. There can be various types of party icebreakers games some can be silly; some are intimate, some are embarrassing while others can be just informative. Whatever be the type of game you choose it is meant to make your party a hit. If you select your party games rightly, it will ensure to make your group or party a success.

You may find people not so interested at forts for such games, but being a host, you can step in first and bring them in the comfort zone so that they can participate sportingly. Well, if you don’t want your party to be a mundane affair where people come, eat and go, then you must bring in such games that will make your party different.

How to decide the type of party games?

Well, planning is a party is a daunting task, you must know what the objective of it, whether, you have people meeting to chill or it’s a business party or networking activity based on the type you must choose the right games to make the ambiance more comfortable is. Before you go ahead and choose the party games, you must know about the personality of your group and what is the objective of the party, based on it you can decide,

  1. Whether people are meeting for business networking. In such cases, you must choose games that give the people an opportunity to bring forth their business services.
  2. Baby Shower, if its a baby shower, then you must work upon bringing people close who don’t know each other but know the mother-to-be well.
  3. If you are hosting a party for a reunion of family members, where you may have some people meeting for the first time and know little about each other, then you need to choose party icebreakers games that will help in building immediate bonding with each other.
  4. It’s a college party or party for friends, and then you must choose party icebreakers games which can help in boding and make people know each other better.

So, now let us have a look at some of popular party icebreakers games:


  • Baby Picture Guessing Game – Ask all your guests coming for the baby shower to bring their baby pictures and ask the guests to check who’s who?
  • Count the number of M n M’s – You can place M nMs candies in cute jars and divide the people and ask them to count the candies. The person who guesses the closest number will win the game.
  • Change the baby diaper- This is a great game, you would need a doll and a few diapers, ask your guests to change the diaper, the one who does it in minimum time wins the game.
  • Mommies and Babies – This is a fun game and can be used in a baby shower party or in case you have party games for kids. You would need animals and babies name written on placards and ask your guests to arrange the right name. The one who has done it the fastest and correctly wins the game.


  • The other half- Well, this is a simple but fun game which is great for any party. You would need to enlist the name of famous couples on cars and distribute the cards to your guests. You can divide the people into two groups, and then each people from the group starts searching for the other half by asking only YES or NO questions. Some of the popular couples that you can pair up include:

Adam and Eve

Bonnie and Clyde

Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMaggio

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

Cleopatra and Marc Anthony

Herman and Lily Munster

Romeo and Juliette

Lucy and Ricky Ricardo

Napoleon Bonaparte and Josephine

  • Frame a Story – Well, this is a great game that you can choose for your party. It is not only interesting but will also bring out your creative side. You can bring in as many people as possible. The game is simple, and you would need a group of 4-6 people, the more, the merrier game becomes. You can begin the game with a line like Once upon a time, or there was a king, in the olden times, etc. and the person next to you keeps on adding the line to frame a story. In the end, you will have a great story to narrate. It’s a fun game and a great way to bring people close.
  • Tell a story- This is a great game, well for this you would need a big board and divide it into four grids, in each of the grid you can write

An embarrassing experience

A personal triumph

Vacation has gone wrong

A horror encounter

  • Ask your guests to line up and ask the first person to come forward and flip the coin on the card. Wherever the coin lands, the person has to tell a story for 2 minutes based on it. You can have as many people participate in the game but make sure that it doesn’t turn out to be monotonous.
  • Pin the Arrow on the Heart- This is a great game for college people or in case you are throwing a Valentine party. All you need is to prepare a large heart out of red poster board and a small heart within it that will act like a bull’s eye. You can ask 4-5 people to form a group. Give them an arrow which is colored in red and ask the players to write their name on it, then blindfold your guests and ask them to place the arrow on the bull’s eye (white heart). The person who makes the closest attempt wins the game.
  • Get Loose from the Loop– This game is perfect in case you have a large group, you can divide them into various groups and ask each of the group to form a circle by holding hands together. You would need a large look which could pass through the head and body of the guests. Now you need to ask them to shift the loop from one person to another without leaving the hands or letting the loop fall to the ground. It would require your guests to wriggle, twist and turn to pass the loop from one person to another. The group that does it in minimum time wins the game.
  • Is it a lie?- This is a great game that will make your party more interesting. You would need the guests to group together and ask them to tell two facts about themselves of which one is true and one is a lie. The other person has to tell which one is a lie and which is the truth.
  • Empty out their pockets– this is a great way to pep up the ambiance of your party. You can ask people various questions like who has a maximum number of credit cards in their pocket, who has a picture of their child or their childhood in their wallet, who has their passport size photograph in their bags, who is carrying maximum amount in their wallet etc. Ask your guests to put it on the table, and the one who has the maximum number wins the game.
  • Maximum Selfies– Well, this is an interesting game that you can have in your party. Ask your guests to click their selfies for a minute and the one who clicks the maximum selfies wins the game.

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