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50+ Quintessential First Date Questions

First Date Questions

The first Date can be challenging for most of us. You would agree to the fact, that first date is always nerve-wrecking which can make you nervous. Well, the first date is more than just having a fun time, it is about how well both of you get to know each other.  However, talking to each other can define solve this problem. The more you talk to each other, the better you get to know. So here we have prepared the list of 50+ first date questions.

Finding the right set of questions that would make both you comfortable is now easy. We have prepared a list of 50 questions that are a perfect conversation starter on your first date.

An important point that you must note here is that you must choose the questions aptly. Your conversation should not appear like an interrogation session. It should be light and fun. Don’t immediately jump to personal questions, instead begin with his/her likes and dislikes. Once both of you get into the comfort zone, you can begin with some personal questions and then finally you can ask questions to extend your date( please check how your partner is reacting to the situation and then go ahead with this part.)

The questions that we have added are basic and some personal ones. These questions have been haphazardly arranged, considering the situation; you should pick up the questions.

Key Points to Take Into Consideration While Asking First Date Questions:

  • Begin your conversation with easy going questions like what does he/she likes to do, how does he spend his leisure
  • Don’t make your conversation too heavy with the philosophical question, try to keep it light and funny.
  • Pick your questions wisely
  • Lastly, if you wish to extend your conversation session, you can end up by asking him/her about her plans for the upcoming week.

50 Questions that You Must Ask on Your First Date:-

  • How do you like to spend your leisure time?
  • Are you are a book person? If yes, what kind of books interests you?
  • Do you think social media is important?
  • Do you like to cook?
  • Have you ever been on an adventure trip?
  • What is the craziest thing you have done but you don’t regret it?
  • Do you have a dirty secret?
  • Have you had pets?
  • What is your song?
  • If you could your life the name of a fil what would it be?
  • Have you ever met your doppelganger?
  • Do you believe that seven people around the world look the same as you?
  • What has been your most bizarre memory?
  • Do you wish to work or be self-employed?
  • What is your dream job?
  • Have you ever fantasized about living on some other planet?
  • What is your favorite food?
  • Do you like to experiment with your palate for food or you go by the fixed menu?
  • Do you like to travel?
  • If given a chance to travel to a mountain or the ocean, what would you choose?
  • How many places have to travel now?
  • Which is your dream destination for holidaying?
  • What is your idea of a perfect holiday?
  • Are you a morning person?
  • How do you like to start your morning?
  • Which is the last television show you have binge-watched?
  • Which television character’s life would you like to live in reality?
  • If you could replace one film character with yourself, who would it be and why?
  • What kind of films entices you the most?
  • Would you like to be the part of politics?
  • What is your idea of perfect life?
  • If you could pick up one hobby that would fetch you money, what would it be?
  • Which is that quality of yours for which your friends love you?
  • Which habit of yours is the most annoying?
  • Whom did you call up last?
  • Who is on your speed dial?
  • What is the most used emoticon by you?
  • Which is your favorite emoji?
  • Life by the countryside or life of a city, what attracts you the most?
  • If you could make a film, what would it be and whom would you cast in the lead role?
  • Which household chore you hate doing?
  • Which household chore you love the most?
  • With which nickname you would want people to call you?
  • If you have a chance to change your name, what would it be?
  • Would you like to swap your life with a famous personality forever?
  • What is the most expensive thing you have bought?
  • What’s your biggest pet peeve?
  • What makes you petrified?
  • Do you have a busy week or you are an easy-go person?
  • Would you like to have dessert at some other place?

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