Amazing Icebreakers Activities for Women’s Gathering

icebreakers for women

Icebreakers are a great way to introduce people and start a conversation. In this blog, I will be focusing on Icebreakers for women. These games have been handpicked for women so that they can get to know each other well and also enjoy a relaxed and happy environment which can give them a break from their daily stress.

These games are just for fun and include introductory games, fun games, and relay games which cover the area of interest of all the women, some of these games aim at building unity among the group of women while others are just for fun that is going to leave a smile on your face. So, if your girl gang is planning to a get-together, incorporate these games to make your party a hit.

What is the Objective of Icebreakers for Women?

The primary objective of having such games is to make people relax and also enjoy the time they spend together. These games aim at :

  1. Introducing people to each other
  2. Break the ice with guests
  3. Make the environment joyous
  4. Have some fun while enjoying the games

Let’s get started:

  1. The Bag game :

This is a perfect game for a big and small group, and you can modify the game as per the number of people at your party. Well, the game is simple, let’s start off with a small group of people: You have first prepared a list of items that could be found in the pure of a lady, make sure to add some odd objects like passport size photograph, passport, a small bottle of water, etc. The lady who is able to show the mentioned object first is the winner. We have prepared the list of items that you can use :

  1. Wallet
  2. Maximum number of notes
  3. Kid’s toy
  4. Hair clip
  5. Sanitary Pad
  6. Pepper spray
  7. Deodorant
  8. Pill bottle
  9. Painkiller
  10. Picture of your child
  11. Black and white photograph
  12. Dental floss
  13. Greeting card
  14. Passport
  15. Keys

In case you have a large group, you can divide them into the groups of two and announce the name of the object, the group which is able to collect and shows all the items first emerges as a winner. You can use the same.

The Ball of Questions-

This is an interesting game that you can have at your party, what you can do is take an inflatable ball and add questions of your choice on it. It can be fun questions or some tricky one, and you can also convert this into truth and dare round. Once you have written the question, you can pass the ball from one person to another while turning on the music. When the music stops, the person having the ball has to answer the question which is underneath their palm. And you can continue the game like this. You can have the following type of questions :

  1. Which is the best memory?
  2. What is the most romantic thing done by your partner?
  3. Have you ever failed in the school exam?
  4. What is the most embarrassing memory of yours?
  5. What is the strangest thing done by you?
  6. In which city you were born?
  7. Which is your favorite TV series?
  8. Which did you see the last movie?
  9. Which is favorite food?
  10. Which movie do you like most?

Relay Games-

Well if you are really willing to get the skin in the game (pun intended), and add some energy to your party, try out relay games. These are a great way to make your party a great hit.

What can you do?

  1. Blow up a balloon
  2. Lemon and spoon race
  3. Do hula hoop
  4. Tug-of-war
  5. Walk for a meter with balloon between the legs
  6. Count 20 to 1 in reverse order
  7. Tounge twister
  8. Carry a book on top of the head
  9. Act like your favorite actor
  10. Walk on your toes
  11. Sing a song like a nursery rhyme
  12. Dance on a nursery rhyme
  13. Sit on a balloon and pop it

Life Saver Relay

This is also a fun game. You can have the woman team up in a group of two.

Ask every woman to hold a toothpick between the teeth, now hang a miniature of tooth

  1. Now place the miniature of a lifesaver, or you can have a toffee with a hole on the toothpick.
  2. Now the lady has to pass this lifesaver or toffee to another without using hands.
  3. The group that finishes it earlier is a winner.

Collect the same colored bangles while singing a song:

This is a fun game that you can enjoy if you have a smaller group like 5-6 people. You can have a mixed bag of bangles of a different color. Then one member of the group can be the time-keeper while the other begins the game, the person has to collect say all the green colored bangles and simultaneously sing a song. To make it funnier, you can have nursery rhyme instead of a song. Then follow suit with others. The lady who finishes the earliest emerges as a winner.

Frame a Story-

This is a fun game that you can have at your party. Ask your guests to frame a circle. You can begin with a line like Once upon a time, there lived a girl, etc. and the lady sitting next to you has to add a line, and this continues till you have a complete story. You can make it a bit creepy by adding some horror experience or stories.

You need to be careful while choosing the games. Some women prefer active games while others don’t, so while choosing the game, you must take your groups choices and preferences into consideration. So next time you have your girls coming up, make use of either of these games and let us know your expenses.

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