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70+ Best Friend Tags Questions

Best Friend Tags Questions

How well do you know your friend? Well, if you want to figure it out, you must explore the following best friend tags questions. The best friend tags are the questions which you can ask your friend and get to know how much both of you know about each other. These questions are not only for your friends, but you can also have them as a part of your family get together. These are some fun and interesting questions that you can use. Your friend has to answer these questions for you and vice-versa.  So, if you are ready to have some fun, start reading and start enjoying:

70+ Best Friend Tags Questions

  • Am I always well-dressed?
  • Am I a lazy person?
  • How much time do I take in the washroom?
  • How much time do I take to get ready?
  • Can I see the horror film alone?
  • Have I ever been caught cheating in the exam?
  • Am I scared of the dark?
  • Which is my favorite brand of clothes?
  • Do I get high easily?
  • Do I bite nails?
  • Have I ever been caught in an embarrassing situation?
  • When in fever do I behave like a child?
  • Am I a patient person?
  • Am I a believer in paranormal activity?
  • Am I a social person?
  • On a scale of 1 to 5 with one being worst and 5 being the bets, how do you rate me?
  • Mention something I cannot live without?
  • Do I have a strange phobia?
  • Do I like loud music or am I lover of slow music?
  • Which is the best thing that I have done for you but have not liked it?
  • If given a holiday, then what would your friend choose, mountains or the beaches?
  • What is your best friend’s favorite color?
  • Is your friend a good singer?
  • Which is my favorite actor?
  • who is my inspiration in life?
  • Do I sleep with lights on or off?
  • Am I afraid of the dark?
  • Which was my first school?
  • Who is my favorite singer?
  • Do I love home cooked food?
  • Which is my sin food?
  • What is my nickname?
  • Do I love watching films?
  • Which is my favorite quote?
  • When in stress do I eat more or don’t eat at all?
  • Am I a shopaholic?
  • Which is one act of mine that you don’t like at all?
  • What is my shoe size?
  • What I my waist size?
  • Which is my favorite food?
  • What is my reaction when I am angry?
  • What is my zodiac sign?
  • Which habit of mine I want to change?
  • What is my mantra of success?
  • Which is my favorite brand of watch?
  • Which cosmetics you will always find in my bag?
  • What is my weight?
  • Which color I wear a lot but it doesn’t suit me at all.
  • Which is my favourite ice-cream flavour?
  • What is the password of my phone?
  • When did I have the sex for the first time?
  • When did I have my first boyfriend?
  • Which habit of mine has secretly embarrassed you?
  • Which I my favorite season?
  • Do I love road trips?
  • Which is my dream holiday destination?
  • Nightclub or beach what will your friend choose?
  • Which is my favorite book?
  • How do I like to spend my weekend?
  • Am I a flirt person?
  • How many girlfriends/boyfriends have I had?
  • Have I ever lied to my girlfriend/ boyfriend?
  • Am I an organized person or a clumsy one?
  • Am I your 3AM friend?
  • Which is my favorite football team?
  • What was my first phone?
  • Do you remember my phone number?
  • Which one habit of mine would you like to change?
  • Which is one song that describes our friendship?
  • Am I an admirer of good heart or good appearance?
  • Do I love wearing diamonds or gold?
  • Which is my favourite memory from my childhood?
  • Which is that one word that describes me?

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