Scary Games

7 Scary Games to Play With Your Friends

Scary Games

Do you want to test your bravado? Are you afraid? Or do you want to test your strength, then these games are surely meant for you and your hand. We often enjoy sitting together and talking about haunting experiences that each of us would have experienced at some point in time. An important point to note here is that the players who have a healthy heart should participate in this game. If you are not willing to play these scary games, its advisable not to fall under peer pressure and chicken out. So, let us start exploring some scary games that can fill your night with adventure and spooky experience.

Let us get Started:

Bloody Marry– this is one the oldest urban legend that we know. For this, you would need a group of 2 to more people. What you need to do is go to your bathroom in the middle of the night, switch off the light and light up the candle. Go in front of the mirror and say “BLOOODY MARRRY” three times and look into the mirror. As per the urban legend, you will Bloody Marry in the mirror. She might scratch your neck, face, and back, if things got worse, she might just pull you into the mirror. Did that spook you, if not read further.

Tsuji-Ura– This fortune telling game in Japan became popular after some people committed suicide after they got to know some bleak predictions about their future. So to start off this game, you would need a comb and something that could cover your face till neck. What you need to do is to head towards the crossroad in the night. One of the people will hold the comb and the other person masks with the cover.

Sandman– This is yet another game which you can try with your friends. In this game, you need one person who lays down the fave on the floor while the other sits around in a circle. One person becomes the speaker, and the other remains quiet. The speaker tells the story of how the person with his/her face lying down was killed by murder and their body filled with sand. They lightly rub their hand and leg and the story proceeds. As the person stands up, the feeling that their body is filled with sand.

Light as a Feather– This is a classic game that you can play. Ask your group to cub together, and one of the people lies on the floor while the other space their hand underneath them. Now you everyone else except for the person lying on the floor repeats “light as a feather stiff as a board.” The entire group needs to repeat the same until the body begins to rise from the ground.

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Queen of Spades– An interesting game that you might want to play with your gang To play this game, you would need a card of Queen of Spades. Then you need to go to the bathroom with this card and a lighted candle. The game should be played in the night. Switch off the light of the bathroom and place the Queen of Spades card in front of the mirror and draw stairs with red lipstick, and light up the candle. Then you need to say “Queen of Spades, come” three times. , but you must immediately say “Queen of Spades, go away” before she kills you.

Devil Face– Well, I don’t know if this game works or not, but it originated in Spain. You can play this game alone or in a group. What you need to do is to go to your bathroom in the midnight and switch off the light.

Three Kings Ritual– This game is also known as the no sleep game. This game should be played in the basement or a large room where there is no light entering, and you would also need candles, two large mirrors, three chairs and an object from your childhood. You need to set everything, and once you are done, you must leave the door open and head up to your bedroom. Make sure that you set the alarm of 3:30 AM. Now you need to sit on the chair or the throne at 3:33 AM and hold the lighted. Make sure that you are not focusing on the candle or them, and you must look into the dark. After some time you may feel the presence of someone around, this is basically your inner conscience. You can speak about your past or your problems and get probable solutions for the same.

So, if you are ready to get spooked out and try to test your heart, you must try these scary games and don’t forget to leave your comments and share your experiences with us.

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