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Smash’s 2012 Blogging Memories

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2012 was a great year. I’ve been logging the things I want to include in this post for a few months now, and after I had it all compiled, I was seriously shocked by the amount of blogging I actually accomplished. And this is not including reviews!! On the other hand, it’s truly difficult to capture all the great experiences I’ve had as a blogger and a member of the book blogging community. So much of the experiences happen offline, or on Twitter, Facebook, etc. I just want to say a huge thank you to all of my readers and friends. Being able to share my love of all things bookish with others who are just as insanely addicted to reading as I, well, it’s been truly magnificent. I look forward to many more bookish years with you all. ♥

I started off the year with a goal to read 100 books. I barely made it, but I achieved success a few days before of 2013! You can see all the beauties on my 2012 Goodreads Challenge.

Blogger Events

  • I joined in Small Review’s Busting the Newbie Blues event, which was really fun and insightful. I learned a lot from it myself! Always learning about this hobby…
  • I joined my very first read-a-long (Tempting Tuesday‘s) for Chloe Neill’s Some Girls Bite. It was so much fun that I was asked to help host the Kevin Hearne Kiss Me, I’m Irish read-a-long in March. And then I participated in the Fairy Metal Thunder read-a-long. Read-a-longs rock!
  • I participated in 3 Bout of Books weekly read-a-thons, hosted by Amanda and Kelly! And I hosted a really cool challenge: Book Spine Poetry! The next one is actually scheduled for Jan 7-13!! I’m not participating this go around but YOU should give it a shot! It is so much fun!
  • I participated in two Bloggiesta events! I’m having my own Bloggiesta next weekend during a writer’s retreat in the mountains. I will be the only non-writer, but I’m using that time to get my blog on!
  • I participated in ArmchairBEA in June! One of these years, I am making it to BEA or another major bookish conference. I think RWA is happening this year because it’s in Atlanta! AND, I would love to go to Authors After Dark since it’s in Savannah, but that’s the beginning of the school year, so I doubt it’s in the cards.
  • I participated in All Series, All Summer, Review Copy Clean-Up and Unbreaking the Shelves. Oh, and I got my dirty on with Doin It Dirty read-a-thon!
  • I participated in a lot of blog tours!
  • I participated in Ruby’s seasonal gift exchanges and a couple of Secret Santa events. Love them!

Smashtastic Fun

  • I started World-Building Wednesdays this year, and I have really, really loved the author participation. It is SO awesome to read their methods. Win!
  • I MOVED TO WORDPRESS! Thank goodness I had Dr. Smash to help me, because there was a snafu that I could not figure out. Aside from one incident with a bad plugin, I could not be more happy with the decision. WP is definitely a blogging platform that has a lot to offer.
  • I put out an SOS for associate reviewers, and I got exactly what I was looking for! I absolutely adore Mel and Audrey and I’m really thankful for their participation and input! Cody was magnificent while he was on board, and I hope Jen can carve out some time to bring us her awesome personality in 2013!
  • I participated in a lot of memes. Many have been trashed because I just don’t have the want or the time to participate in them anymore, but they sure were a lot of fun! I think my favorite has been Top Ten Tuesdays and Book Blogger Confessions! Of course, Clock Rewinders on a Book Binge is the best weekly recap, and I started Let’s Talk with KT! It has replaced my need for a Friday meme, though I still miss TGIF!
  • I organized and hosted my very first blogging event! Along with 3 uber awesome bloggers, we gave the world Andrew Smith Saturdays, which lasted all summer! It was not the success I had hoped, and I became discouraged halfway through and therefore, lost my enthusiasm, but I DID introduce some readers to Andrew and that is exactly what I set out to do.
  • Ashley & I only reviewed one book as The Dark Ash’s! *sad face* I am really hoping we can hop back on that train in 2013. I love reviewing with her!
  • Brianna asked me to co-host the Elemental Assassins read-a-long, which has truly been a lot of fun! We are going to continue the event until the latest release in April!
  • I WENT TO DECATUR BOOK FESTIVAL!! I also met Kim Harrison and a plethora of other authors throughout the year. WIN!
  • I received my VERY FIRST book dedications this year, as well as being quoted in a few (one and two)! ANNNNNNNNNNNND. I am on the frakin STEP BACK COVER for Deadly Sting by Jennifer Estep. MAJOR MOMENT, people. Major.

Smashtastic Discussions

Smash around the Blogosphere

 Personal Highlights

  • I moved to Atlanta! Hubs landed his psychiatry residency at Emory, so he was able to come home. I’m happy that he is near his family. Now I just need to get my mommy here!
  • I passed my licensing exam! I’m a Licensed Master Social Worker! Now, I need to start collecting continuing education credits. I will be attending a 3-day conference in January on Youth Development. SO EXCITED!
  • I got a really challenging yet incredible job for a non-profit. I’m working with at-risk youth in a middle school, providing extra support and enrichment experiences to help keep them in school! Did you know the legal drop out age is 16 in GA? That makes me sick! icon sad Smashs 2012 Blogging Memories
  • I joined an awesome book club in Atlanta and have met incredible ladies! I have enjoyed every single book and am so happy they choose things that aren’t on my radar or out of my normal reading preferences.
  • I joined a gym and got a trainer with two of my book club pals. Motivation and Accountability!

WHAT A YEAR!!! *wipes sweat off brow* I hope it was as fun for you as it was for me! ♥

Stop by tomorrow for my Best of 2012 and then on New Years Day for my Most Anticipated Book of 2013!

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19 Responses to “Smash’s 2012 Blogging Memories”

  1. Shaunesay says:

    Lots of awesome stuff going on there! Looking forward to seeing what comes next! :D

  2. OMG!!!! Dude. You ROCKED this year HARD! I can’t believe we only did ONE Dark Ash’s review!!! *EPIC SAD FACE*! We DEFINITELY need to being it back in 2013!!

  3. Sounds like you had an amazing year! :)
    I didn’t take part in Armchair BEA this year but I’ll definitely sign up for the next one. And moving to WordPress was one of the best moments of my blogging life too! :D

  4. Felicia S. (@thegeekyblogger) says:

    WOW! You had a freaking amazing year :) I am so excited about how your job is taking off! I feel better knowing there are people like you steering our youth (especially the troubled ones). It only takes one person to change someones life and I have a feeling you will change many!

    • I can’t believe all the things I’ve done with blogging thi year. As busy as I was with my old job and moving to anew city and all that. Crazysauce! It’s no surprise that I love this hobby. heh. Thank you for that awesome compliment. I do what I can, hopefully planting a seed of change.

  5. You’ve had QUITE a year! Thanks for the recap – I went through some of the posts I missed, like the Bookish Tools and Things series. SO HELPFUL, I can’t wait to sit down and browse through a bunch of the websites mentioned!

    Happy New Year!!!

  6. My 2012 was all the better following you around ;) Way to go on the Cover Love.

  7. What an impressive year, Smash!

    I didn’t realize hubs was a psychiatrist. Your poor children, ha ha. ;-)

  8. Karen says:

    Maybe you can go to the public signing day for AAD. I haven’t looked yet but it was a Saturday in NOLA this year.

    You accomplished so many thing in your personal life. Such big changes!!

    I got my first book dedication too. I almost keeled over in excitement! Which book?

    Have an awesome 2013 Smash!!

  9. Wow, you had a busy year! Lots of great times you had :D Hope you have just as much fun, if not more, in 2013.

    Happy New Year!

  10. Miss Remmers says:

    GIrl you had SUCH a big year! I loved going through some of these old links! I have no doubt your 2013 will be just as big! :)

  11. Wow that’s a whole lot of blogging goodness you squished into 2012!

    I LOVED Armchair BEA, especially doing it in my pyjamas, oh yeah!

    Can’t wait to see what 2013 brings :-D

  12. Mel Thomas says:

    I adore you, too and am oh so happy to be part of your team! Congratulations on a fantabulous year. Hope 2013 is even better.

  13. What an amazing year!!!! I don’t even know what to comment on — there’s so many good things. :) I hope your 2013 is even better!

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