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Web of Lies Discussion!

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EA Read Along Web of Lies Discussion!

You can find the introductory post here and sign up for monthly reminders.

Let’s talk about Web of Lies, shall we?

Web of Lies final small e1309153747312 Web of Lies Discussion!

  • Hello, Owen Grayson. *wink* What were your initial thoughts about Owen when he arrived to pick up Eva from the Pork Pit? What were your thoughts during that entertainingly hot discussion Gin and Owen had at Mab’s party, and then at the mining accident? I think we will definitely see more of Owen Grayson.
  • I love that Gin cooks when she’s feeling stressed. I also want to eat just about everything she makes! What do you do to relieve stress? And if you don’t want to share that bit of information (hey, it could get personal) then tell us what you would cook/eat to relieve stress.
  • The passion between Gin and the good detective is hot, hot, hot! Their car romp was fun, but Donovan immediately shuts down, struggling with his opposing feelings for Gin. At the end of the book, he tells her he is leaving town. What are your thoughts around Donovan’s personal struggles around his feelings for Gin?
  • Gin as a Texas Barbie! A very deadly Texas Barbie. I loved this disguise and the accent just about killed me. If you had to disguise yourself for an assassination job, what might be the worst – or best –  costume idea (for you personally)?
  • Gin has figured out that Mab is the one who murdered her mother and sister. I’m curious to hear your theories as to why!
  • Gin walks a fine line between good and evil. What’s your stance on her personal code and the teachings from Fletcher? Do you think people such as she provide a reasonable role in society, or do we need to leave justice to the law?
P.S. I will not be available to join the disucssion much until the evening, but Brianna will be here during the day to talk it up!


Come on, you bastard. Come and play with Gin. – pg. 8

“I know. But it’s still a nice thought. The idea of Jake McAllister being somebody’s prison yard bitch gives me the warm fuzzies.” – p. 55

I went over, put my hand into Finn’s broad  shoulder, and shook him awake.
“What? What?” he mumbled in a sleepy voice. “I didn’t touch her, I swear.”
“Relax, Casanova,” I said. -p. 233

“Donovan is [a fine man]. But he’s not the one for you.” p. 191

“See something you like, Detective?” I said in a soft voice. “Because I sure do.” p. 223

“You could just run over him,” I said. “He’s already dead, and it’s not like you haven’t done it before.”
“Yeah, but I don’t want bloody bits of dwarf stuck on my wheels for the next two weeks.” Finn sniffed. “This is an Aston Martin, Gin. You don’t run over dead bodies in an Aston Martin.”
“Tell that to James Bond.”
Finn shot me a dirty look as he pulled out onto the street.”

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33 Responses to “Web of Lies Discussion!”

  1. I made it this time! Whew! I actually finished the book with 2 days to spare. Go me! I’m really loving this series by the way. It took a lot to wait to pick up Venom before this discussion started. Okay, now on with the discussion:

    I really like Owen, for a lot of reasons. His protectiveness over his sister and her obvious love for him was a big part of it, but I think the main thing that I liked about him was the way he treated Gin. I see promise there!

    I’m not sure if I have anything specific that I do when I’m stressed other than something – anything constructive. Reading is also a good stress reliever for me. It helps to escape – even more than watching TV or a movie. It keeps my brain more actively involved I think.

    Donovan… Grrr….! He got on my nerves really bad in this one. He doesn’t even give her a chance because he is so caught up in what she was and who she is and how she can never change he doesn’t take the time to understand the real Gin and doesn’t seem to want to get to know her period. I thought that I wanted them together just because I guess I thought he was a good enough guy to see past the surface with her. I really have a low tolerance for people who only look on the surface and think that they are better than someone else. I don’t know if we’ve seen the last of Donovan, but I don’t think I’ll miss him.

    Mab and why? I can’t even begin to guess why.

    I’m not sure about how I feel about where the lines of good and evil blur with Fletcher and Gin. It’s kind of hard to compare their existence to how we live. I think in their world people like Gin and Fletcher, Sophie, Jo-Jo and Fin are a necessity. They don’t always look out for the underdog, but they did enough of that to balance out what they did. I know it’s kind of a warped attitude, but they live in a very warped world. Going to law enforcement people would be logical, but even the ‘good cop’ didn’t have a clue how to keep the people he was sworn to protect safe. I think the line between good and evil in their world was so blurred that it’s a hard question to answer from their perspective. If they existed in our world I don’t think I’d have the same attitude but I also have a feeling that they would be totally different people.

  2. My thoughts on Donovan…..Bye, Bye Dick-tective Douche Bag! (that came from my review)
    HELLO Owen!! I see him becoming Gin’s next love interest.
    I’m sure Mab killed her family over something like power or something just as lame.
    Gin is an assassin with a hear of gold. LOL

  3. I didn’t think much of Owen when he first picked up his sister at the Pork Pit (after the attack). But at Mab’s party – whoa! How does he know so much about Gin?!! He’s definitely interested in Gin; I mean the guy straight out told her he wants to f*&^% her. Gin is definitely interested, if not curious, but she has to get over Donovan first.

    I eat chocolate when I’m stressed. Bad vice but what can I say :D

    I really hope this isn’t the last we see of the good Detective Donovan. I want Gin to track his ass down!! But I understand her wanting him to want her, without his morals getting in the way.

    Hmmm, I’d have to say that probably playing the role of a hooker would be the worst. I can’t imagine trying to swoon the likes of someone like Tobias (even if it’s just a cover). But it must be fun to role play and dress up for different covers :)

    I have no theories as to why Mab went after Gin’s family yet but it seems like Mab was specifically after Bria. I’m curious to know why.

    In this series, they definitely need Gin and her services to clean up the trash. The Ashland Police Dept. is corrupted so if anything, they’re helping the bad guys flourish. It’s not like Gin’s killing innocent people or children so I don’t have a problem with her being as assassin.

    • He’s like Finn – uses all his resources to find out about targets. And Gin is definitely his next target, if you know what I mean. *wink* I’m definitely looking forward to that target practice! Donovan made his choice. I suppose it’s one that allows him to sleep at night. Big loss, bud!

      I think Mab knows something about this family. We now know that Gin is special in her powers. Maybe Bria is extra special? Maybe Mab has insight to this and felt threatened. Or maybe there’s a prophecy? lol

      I eat chocolate…all the time? lol

      P.S. I know you want to dress up as Hooker Barbie and show off your assets! Don’t lie, Brianna!

      • I can’t wait to read about Bria. I am dying to know what she’s going to be like and how she’s going to feel about Gin being an assassin.

        *stashes Hooker Barbie wig under bed* What? I don’t know what you’re talking about ash. *whistles*

  4. Felicia says:

    I love Owen! He is delicious :)

    It has been awhile since I read this so I have hard time separating how I felt at that point and how I feel now.

    Donovan is an ass!

  5. Jen B. says:

    I wasn’t sure what to think of Owen Grayson at first. The obvious response is that he is just another rich bastard in Ashland but his love for his sister is a real positive. I did scratch my head a little at Owen’s response to Gin when she said she wanted to be “with” Tobias Dawson. It made me think that Owen’s ulterior motives are dark. That was really pounded home when Owen didn’t have a huge reaction that Tobias had clearly attacked Gin and that Gin had clearly won that fight. I can hardly wait to see where that relationship goes. As an added plus, maybe Finn will get snared by nice girl Violet. I just love Violet.

    I love to cook and all of Gin’s cooking makes me want to eat! When I get stressed I turn up the music and sign along. Sometimes I cry it out and then move on. Nothing too personal there! ;)

    I certainly understand Donovan’s reasons for feeling torn but I think he is being myopic. He is only seeing that Gin was a “killer” but he doesn’t look at how good she was. How hard she worked. How much good she accomplished. I kept wanting to shake him and tell him to help her retire from the shady side but keep helping others. Honestly, with Gin’s determination and will to survive, she could do a lot of good if she were faced in the right direction. I shook the book when Donovan was all “boo hoo, I didn’t stop you from going after Tobias because it was you”. So whiny! Maybe he will harden and grow up a little while he is gone.

    I have always figured if you need to assassinate someone up close and personal the best costume would be something the looked natural and fit the situation. So, Gin dressed up as a Barbie made perfect sense. I read a lot of mystery/thriller books with that sort of plotline.

    I don’t have any idea except that Mirror Mirror on the wall… told her that one of the sisters was going to grow up to be fairest of them all! Where that fails to explain Mab’s actions is that Mab took the time to burn silverstone into Gin’s palms. Why not just kill her if you fear her? And why keep asking for Bria? You would think Mab would have been smart enough to round up the whole family before starting the torture. Just saying!

    Oh boy. This is a very tangled question. In the real world I think people like Gin should be stopped. It is just too easy to cross the line from helpful to out of control. In Gin’s world of Ashville, I think assassins are probably a necessary evil. Fletcher did the best he could to teach Gin to made good decisions. I am interested to see how Gin continues to grow and change now that she is “retired” and Donovan is out of the picture. She has a lot of possibilities.

    • So, if my memory serves me correct (fat chance!), Mab did round up the entire family. Gin brought the house down with her stone magic, and Bria survived. I think that’s how it happened anyway…

      I agree that Gin and Fletcher definitely are on the right side of the immoral train. Ha! The flashback where Fletcher told Gin about not killing children, etc, was very touching. It’s funny to think about an assassin having a moral code, but it so fits Gin and this world. She is moral to the bone.

      • That last statement is why Donovan made me so mad…. Grrrr!

        Ok, I think I may have it out of my system now. LOL!

      • Jen B. says:

        In the first book I think Gin says the whole family was rounded up but in Web of Lies she says the fire elemental kept asking were Bria was. I haven’t had the chance to loop back and cross reference yet. That stuck out to me because it seemed so odd.

  6. Mariana says:

    I liked how Owen is protective of his sister and always pays back, but at first glance it sounded like his more than a pretty face and I’m a little concerned that he may be Mab’s spy. *crazy thought*. But I liked the chemistry between these two and I’d like to see more of him, because he’s a mystery.

    It may sound boring but I like to blast a good music, maybe to drown the stress I guess. Hard rock is really good for a little forgetting. Linkin Park and Nirvana are my favorites for a couple of years now.

    I don’t like the way Donovan treats Gin. I get it he’s a good guy and what’s the world to be perfect, but he knows how reality works and he’s just hurting her over and over because is easier. I don’t want them together until he shows he can treat her better and stop judging her past and her friendships.

    I’d love to dress like a biker, but I guess it doesn’t help the idea of going disguised. Black leather pants and super high boots and sexy and it looks very dangerous, so the is like the worst costume idea, but it really pays off.

    Gin discovered by the voice, because it was a traumatic experience and she had blocked the memories around that night, but I had a feeling Mab was involved in this murder, because Gin mother had to be really powerful for her to be able to really work the magic in such different areas. Since Mab is a crazy bitch that only cares about power, I thought Gin’s mom was definitely on her vanquish list.

    I like Gin POV of right and wrong, and not only good and bad because sometimes people are forced to make choices that do not show their real mind. Since the law is full off flaw in this world and the money can buy anyone, I guess Gin is really important and I accept her rule pretty easy.

  7. I LOVE Owen Grayson!!

    To relieve stress I take bubble baths and long walks in the woods with my dog. I sound like a sappy want ad. LOL

    Donovan is a douchebag and can’t recognize a good thing even when it’s right in front of him. I say good riddance!

    I’m a horrible actress so I think I’d be bad in any role. Peeps would call me on my lie before I even opened my mouth.

    I just finished reading Tangled Threads so I’m going to refrain from answering this question and risk spoiling it for someone…

    Gin didn’t choose her life, it was pretty much a question of survival for her so I don’t think what she does it wrong but I agree, it is a fine line. She’s always at risk of falling over the edge; her personal code is the only thing stopping her so I think that it’s extremely important that she has one in place.

    My Review of Web of Lies

  8. Jen D. says:

    Hello Mr. Grayson indeed. *sigh* I thought he was a bit overbearing at first but, I guess I could understand considering his kid sister was in danger. That being said my interest was piqued. I was definitely looking forward to seeing more of him. And then he snuck up on Gin at Mab’s house. *double sigh* That man is quite delicious even if I don’t fully trust him just yet. Uh, how sweet was he during the whole mining accident scene. Definitely looking forward to a little more Owen Grayson.

    I gotta give Gin kudos. The very idea of cooking stresses me out. I love that the woman can annihilate her enemies and then go home and make cobbler. LOL! Oh Ash…I love when you come at us with the hard hitting questions. ;-) I used to go to kickboxing classes to relieve stress. Now I either read or eat me some delicious chocolate.

    All I have to say about Donovan Caine is that he’s obviously not man enough to be with Gin. As my Dad would say…go take a very long walk off a very short pier. Douche.

    I loved, loved, loved the accent. Worst disguise for me would be anything that required me to be sexy. I’d end up making an ass of myself. Best? Hmmm…something unassuming like a librarian or nerd or something. *shrugs*

    I think that pyscho took out her family because she somehow knew how powerful they were. Or maybe her father did something that could’ve been perceived as a threat and she decided to take him and the rest of them out.

    I know she’s an assassin and all but, I think she’s as moral as she can be in her line of work. I think they definitely can. So often law enforcement is unable to catch the bad guy because of whatever technicality and those seeking justice are left without it.

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