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SYTYCD Saturdays: Season 9 Top 20, Baby!

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ash sign SYTYCD Saturdays: Season 9 Top 20, Baby! and  JenD SYTYCD Saturdays: Season 9 Top 20, Baby!

Top 20 are chosen!
Date: 6/27/12

YAY! My favorite show evar is finally upon us. I am SO excited for this season’s cast of AMAZING talent. There were a few surprises but overall, I am over the moon amazed at the sheer talent and passion this season’s contestants posses. A lot of changes are ocurring this season to the format of the show, which you can read about here.

Jen:  I can’t believe it’s finally here Ash!  I am so friggin’ excited!  I am very much impressed with the dancers that were chosen.  I’ve got a really, really good feeling about this.  If the opening numbers are anything to go by then we’re in for a lot of amazing routines.


Contemporary dancers are up first.

Smash: Alexa, George, Will and Amber were chosen. Alexa has been down this road before. I was wondering if she would be chosen due to her lack of emotion while dancing. However, after her performances tonight, it seems as though she has found her passion!
Jen:  I’m happy to see that Alexa was able to work through the emotional barrier that was holding her back.  The girl can definitely move you.  I’m really loving Will.  He’s such an amazing dancer and he comes across so sweet.  I’m looking forward to seeing what else he has up his sleeve.

Choreographer: Tyce Diorio | Music: We Found Love (BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge) by Jessie J

Smash: I am pretty blown away by this quartet’s performance. They all danced with such abandon and passion. I was tearful.
Jen:  This routine was gorgeous.  I loved seeing their emotion.  Tyce is one of my faves!

The Ballroom Babes are next!

Smash: Whitney, Lindsay and Nick are chosen. Of course they teased Lindsay a little and made her think she didn’t make the top 20. So mean, yo!
Jen:  Seriously!  I love the girls’ personalities.  Nick didn’t stand out to me during auditions so it’ll be interesting to see what he’s working with.

Choreographer: Jason Gilkinson | Music: Dance Again by Jennifer Lopez feat Pitbull

Smash:  Those 2 chicas are spicy! I think Nick dances well but he seems so boyish.
Jen:  He’s definitely no Pasha my dear and whole crying thing didn’t really endear me to him but, I’ll give him a chance to wow me.

Now it’s time for the Ballet Beauties!

Smash:  All three ballet dancers made it on? That rules! Welcome to the Top 20, Eliana, Daniel and Chehon!
Jen:  I too was shocked but, uber excited.  I don’t really remember Eliana’s audition but, the boys were definitely amazing.

Choreographers: Desmond Richardson and Dwight Rhoden
Music: Romantic Inclinations / Like a Shot / Fury by P. Mottram / S. Everitt / G. Shadid / T. Marberger

Smash: Holy SMOKES! Eliana was WICKED! She is a BAMF, people. I barely watched the boys, however, I wouldn’t mind more boys in spandex, plzkthx.
Jen:  Those legs Ash!  Those legs!!  I’d give up eating chocolate for Eliana’s legs….um….okay maybe not chocolate.

The Jazzy peeps are up next!

Smash: Tiffany and Audrey are Jazz dancers, but Janelle is a BELLY DANCER! That’s a first, and she rocked choreo in Vegas!
Jen:  Is she the most amazing belly dancer ever?  No but, the girl definitely has stage presence.  I really like Audrey so I’m hoping she kicks some booty.

Choreographer: Sonya Tayeh | Music: Sail by Awolnation

Smash:  HELLO, AWESOME! Sonya Tayeh is a beast. I frakkin love her work. It’s so passionate and athletic. Bring it, bitches! I was sad that Janelle had to sit out tonight due to being sick, but I’m really happy she made it in the top 20.
Jen:  I think if you’re sitting out of a routine due to illness you shouldn’t be sitting in the audience looking un-sickly.  Maybe it’s just me though.  *Ahem*  Tiffany and Audrey did the damn thing!  I was very, very impressed with their performance.  Sonya NEVER ceases to impress me.

More Contemporary contenders…

Smash: This time around, Dareian, Matthew, Janaya and adorable Amelia made it! I adore Amelia!
Jen:  I don’t remember enough about Janaya or Matthew to feel one way or another but, I like both Dareian and Amelia.

Choreographer: Stacey Tookey | Music: Modern Drift by Efterklang

Smash: I watched this dance a second time and enjoyed it so much more. I may have been distracted or something the first time, because it wasn’t memorable at the time…
Jen:  I loved how it flowed from start to finish but, it didn’t have as much impact as the other routines.

And now it’s time for the eclectic dudes, who are always fan favorites!

Smash: Cole, Brandon and CYRUS make the show! I may have squeed when Cyrus was chosen. Loudly. I hope he brings his A-game. Make mama proud!
Jen:  I really hope Cyrus can pull this one out.  I’m uncertain of how well he’s going to partner someone but, I think he’s got the work ethic to get it done.

Choreographer: Chris Scott | Music: Resolve by Nathan Lanier

Smash: That was a creative number! I love how it showcased their specialties.
Jen:  I really enjoyed that routine.  The costumes, the music, the choreo.  Chris Scott is the man.

The show ended with three powerful numbers!

Choreographer: Travis Wall | Music: When The Light Gets In by Sennen

Smash: My goodness. I have to state how damn proud I am of Travis Wall. He truly has become a friggin superstar in the dance arena. I LOVE HIM. And this number was just gorgeous and creative, as were the costumes. *sniffles*
Jen:  I couldn’t agree with you more Ash.  His routines are always so breathtaking.

Choreographer: Sonya Tayeh | Music: Precognition (Steed Lord Machine Mix) by Steed Lord

Smash: This was powerful and it was different to see men pair up in such a way. LOVED the shirtlessness of it all, too. icon biggrin SYTYCD Saturdays: Season 9 Top 20, Baby!
Jen:  I loved that Sonya took them there.  She makes you dig deep and I love every friggin’ second of it!

Choreographer: Mia Michaels | Music: Eyes (Coachella Live 2012 Version) by Kaskade

Smash: I’ve missed Mia so much! This was definitely the way to end the show. I loved the work the group did in a straight line, the costumes and the sunglasses. It was a damn incredible routine!
Jen:  MIA EFFIN’ MICHAELS YOU GUYS!  I still get goosebumps just thinking about it.

So, did your favorites make it? What did you think about the routines?
Do you think this season is going to rock our faces off??

SYTYCD will be back on July 11, so look for our next post on July 14!

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3 Responses to “SYTYCD Saturdays: Season 9 Top 20, Baby!”

  1. I love this show so very much! I have been watching since the first season. I am excited about a lot of the dancers this year, they are really fabulous! I loved travis Wall’s choreography too! He is probably my all time fav SYTYCD contestant, I SO love that he is part of the show still!!

  2. Mel says:

    I’m really excited about the top 20 but not thrilled with the new format. I’m most excited about Cyrus and the ballet bunch. I lurves me some ballet dancers. My favorite dance of the evening was Sonya Tayeh’s Sail. Really looking forward to the first episode.



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