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World Book Night. Hip Hip Hooray!

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Who is helping to give out half a million free books all across America tomorrow?

I am.

WHO: From Kodiak, Alaska, to Key West, Florida, in 6,000 towns and cities across America, 25,000 volunteers will give away half a million free books on one day: April 23, 2012. 

WHAT: World Book Night U.S. is an ambitious campaign to personally give out thousands of free, specially printed books across America. Volunteer book lovers like myself will help promote reading by going into our communities and handing out free copies of a book we love to new or light readers, reaching them especially in underserved places – and even some fun spots. Volunteers will be picking up the books at a local bookstore or library in order to go out and share them in locations as diverse as VA hospitals, nursing homes, ballparks, mass transit, diners, and more.

I am ridiculously proud to be a part of the first World Book Night in the U.S., following the impressive launch of this campaign in the UK and Ireland last year. I have Adam at Roof Beam Reader to thank for this, as he is the one that informed me of this incredible opportunity.

I have 20 copies of The Lovely Bones to shove down the throats of unsuspecting readers and hopefully, non-readers too. I will be at Sunset Plaza in Coral Gables, FL, along with Jen from Not Now, I’m Reading!

ash sign World Book Night. Hip Hip Hooray!

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One Response to “World Book Night. Hip Hip Hooray!”

  1. I hope you guys have a wonderful time. I’ll be giving out my books in a local nursing home and maybe a hospital.



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